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This stuff is really pissing me off now...can we stop trying to make graff into a fucking extreme sport...christ!...competitions?...videos?...sponsorship deals?...really?'s fucking mental...and barely any of the fucking clefts actually do around on videos doing tags with the latest fucking marker brought out by some fucking white dread company...markers? what the fuck has happened there?! why do we need marker pens with a little picture of a hooded graffitier?! is that what you aim to look like? who is ACTUALLY buying this nonsense??? and why the fuck did we ever need specialist paint anyway?! what the fuck is wrong with shit chrome and black?? (fuck Revok...yo yo real London names need be mentioned...the throw up bug...has he lost his fucking mine?!) anyway back to around doing shit tags in bum areas making out like they're out is gaaaaay...I type all this while realizing I'm "running" a graff based blog...which I whole heatedly admit is fully gay but when it was started I was a naive little prick that thought it would be fun and it kind of got out of hand...Pro cans?! what the fuck are they?!...a computer game??...we're not fucking Tony Hawk for fucks sake...stop trying to make graff into some kind of mainstream (I didn't want to use that word but I can barely speak English) shit...nobody wants it...anybody that does...jabs...fuck off...rant over...oh and all these fucking so called sick cunt train writers that are well secret...why the fuck are you posting every panel you do to every magazine that's printing this shit...getting pissed when people are painting your spots but your the ones putting it out on bull shit videos of how you get to and get into these spots...fuck off...Cope2's a snitch...Revok's a toy...Aroes a queer...I'm an internet badman.

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Why don't they make a film based on The Fighting Yank?...