Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Buying The Paint
If you buy your spray paint (as opposed to racking shitty Plasticote or jacking toys) there are pros and cons to buying online or in a graff shop. If you visit your local graff shop, you get the paint instantly and without credit card transactions being made, but the shop could be under surveillance by law enforcement without the owners even knowing. Buying online is much safer,assuming you buy from a website you trust with your personal details. Only ever buy from a website with an SSH certificate and who promises to deliver the product in discreet packaging. Some websites will accept Paypal (less tracable) or pre-charged credit cards (untracable) which could help protect your idenetity. Proper online graff shops will have systems in place to protect their customers anonymity. Placing your order using your pub’s free Wifi or another public computer network adds another layer of anonymity when ordering from a less trustworthy source.

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