Friday, 22 October 2010

Queens Native.

What do you write? Where you come from?

My name is *Web-113*...I grew up in Flushing-Queens.

So what inspired you to write?

I started writing graff because i would always see it all over the place & i aspired to have my name up like that.

How long have you been writing for now?

I started writing in 1988, 22 years strong.

Where did the name come from?

I got the name Web from the comic-book *Web of Spider-Man*

When I look through your flicks your throwup seems to not have changed, you ever had any other styles or names?

My throwie actually evolved lil by lil...I also write *Dein* as a back-up tag.

I hear you have a lot of beef? Whats with that?

I don't have beef with my fans anymore...I'm beyond all that...Non discripto's.

I see you put up a lot of crews, who are you down with?

I rep 113, Chk, Xtc, Tn, If, Tdt, 146, 333, Mci, etc

Who have you got up with most through your years?

My first partner in Graff was Ciro-Wk...He was cool...We used 2go bombing on foot & drinking 40's, back when as long as u brown paper bagged it, u were all good.
Then i bombed with Sesk-Bd 4a bit...I did a few bombs with Ce & Zain & with my boy Touch-Cya...They were all good-pplz.
I've also bombed with Rad-146 & Ms.Maggs & Kech 4a bit.
Later i was bombing with Jakee-Icu & we really came off.
I've also bombed with Ja, Laso, Clark & Ench.
Also did a few bombs with Bruz, Mesoe, Soe-Fpv & Foe.

Whats your views on legal graff? I've never seen any walls from you.

As far as legal Graff, that's cool...I'm not so artistically-inclined, so I'm not in2 that legal-walls stuff much...Each to there own.

You got any last words? Shout outs?

Shout-out 2all those that I've mentioned, as well as all my fallen-soldiers who r forever sleeping in serenity.
I also would like to send shout-outs too My bro Bm-113...He actually made up the crew...Sin, Dera, Kez-5, Blone, Dio, Ce, Sev, Dg, Goal, Celo, Kef, Core, Colo, Ceek, Os, Dover, Cinik, Furor, Oz, Rounds & any1 i may have 4gotten...Free-Cend...Free-Core...Free-Amanda...

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