Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Scream Masks

I love the Scream movies, I'm buzzing about this...

When Scream came out in like 96, I was way to young to go see it at the cinema. I remember wanting to see it bad, but I remember wanting one of those masks so much more.

I heard the masks had actually been around in the US for years before the Scream movies were ever made. The mask was called the "Ghost Face" mask and was available to buy pretty much anywhere. Ghostface killah gave himself the name years before the first Scream came out.

When Wes Craven saw the mask on sale in a costume store in the 90's he was writing a spoof horror film called "Scary Movie" but after deciding his killer would wear the Ghost Face mask, he renamed the movie "Scream" after the masks resemblance to Munch's Scream painting.

I finally got one and wore it every Halloween/whenever I needed to hide my face..

Scream masks always remind me of being younger and acting a fool.

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