Tuesday, 6 April 2010

America: Fuck Yeah

I just read about this on The Times website.

I'm hardly shocked by internet videos but this has to be the worst thing I've seen in ages. Not because it's gory, it isn't really, but the guys talking are so far removed from what they are actually doing they might as well be playing a video game.

The clip shows some all American heros discovering a group of civilians and Journalists and deciding that their cameras look like AK47's and RPG's. After engaging the unsuspecting civilians with heavy fire they congratulate each other and zoom in on the bodies. They see that one of the journalists is still alive and crawling up the road, they wait, urging him to pick up a weapon as they can't engage him unless it looks like he is armed. A passing family see the injured man and stop their car to help him, unaware of the hovering Apache helicopter they help the wounded man into their car. The Americans open fire on the car killing and maiming all the passengers including a small girl.

Other highlights include ground troops showing up and running someone over in their hummer and a bunch of people seen entering building being blown to bits by Hellfire missiles.

I can't say I'm glad I watched it, in a dark way it reminds me of what Bill Hicks said about the Irak war.

Watch it before it gets taken down.

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