Saturday, 16 January 2010

French Cinema

'Writers 1983-2003' Documents the first 20 Years of Graffiti in Paris. The start of this is cool, it's all about how Graffiti started in France, Mode 2 is on there talking in French. The second part is seriously worth watching though, apart from anything else it's got O'clock daytime bombing.

'A Cross the Universe' is a documentary about Justice's US tour. It's worth a watch if you like their music, it was a bit boring in places though, it looked like it was going to be crazy in the trailer.

'Urban Vampirz 2' is crazy, watch it, I think it's better than 'Pirates'.

1 comment:

  1. most chrome dubs now are terrible!!! on writers, when bando talks about only using chrome and black because it lets the letters do the talking is one of the best bits shame no one bothers using chrome and black like that any more!