Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Learn your history

At the time there were a lot of burning lyrics from the BoboShanti, some artist were against it, at the time the artist were free to say what they want to say, is not like now where the artist are more subdue. Rare footage of Capleton and Sizzla on stage together.

Bunny Wailer, Lee Perry, Don Letts, Mickey Dread, tell how reggae influence punk and rock and the modern music of today.

UK Apache JUNGLIST rare footage & interview :

At the time in 94 junglist was underground, the music with a african beat and people used to dance to the sound at the time, artist like General Levi master those riddims at the time. Here is UK Apache in his first year as a junglist artist, hear how he rap to the riddim. Dance was good in those times.

Teachings of Rasta culture w.Benjamin Zephaniah & Sis Kaya
Here you see Benjamin Zephaniah educate about Rastafari and also Sis Kaya and how they stay in the faith. Some people can learn from this, guidance and teachings of Rastafari and it's not a religion, it's about equal rights and justice

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